• We only rent all musical materials for live performances and only for the dates stated on the contract.
• Materials may not be used for Radio or Television broadcast, Webcast or any usage other than live performance and/or archival purposes without separate permission, in writing, from Chelsea Music.
• The Terms on this page are for performing musical selections in a standard concert presentation, not incorporating any theatrical elements such as choreography, costumes, dialog, staging, sets or props, etc.

• You must give credit to the songwriters or composers (for purely instrumental music) and the arrangers in your printed program.

• You may not photocopy any of the materials without written permission.


Please fill out the Rental Inquiry page completely for a detailed price quote.


• We accept company checks, money orders or PayPal.
• Payment is due before we send you the music.
• Late payments will incur a $10 per week fee.


• You are responsible for all shipping costs, in addition to the rental fees.
• We’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries.
• On the Rental Inquiry page, there’s a space where you can tell us when you’d like the music to arrive.
• Typically orchestras ask to receive the music 4-6 weeks before the concert.
• If you need immediate (rush) delivery, a 50% surcharge will be added to your invoice.


• You must return all the materials—in the same condition as received—within two weeks after your final concert or there will be penalties assessed.
• Return instructions are on the Inventory List.
• If any of the material is returned with markings rendering the material useless for rental, you will be charged the cost of the replacement.


Before we ship the score and parts: no charge.
After we ship the materials but before the concert:
• A $75 re-stocking fee plus you are responsible for the secure (FedEx or UPS) shipping costs. Please notify us in writing on your company’s letterhead.
Cancellations due to weather conditions:
• You must notify us by phone or email on the day of the performance and will be subject to the $75 re-stocking fee plus you are responsible for the secure (FedEx or UPS) shipping cost.
If you have already paid the rental fee when you have to cancel:
• We will refund the amount you paid minus the $75 re-stocking fee. If you are in possession of the musical materials you will be responsible for the secure (FedEx or UPS) return shipping cost.


• Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 7 days a week via email, and by phone M-F during normal business hours (9AM – 6PM EST or EDT when applicable).


• Click here to ask us any questions.
• Our email address and phone number are at the bottom of every page on this site.